Clinical Pharmacology Advice Network (CPAN)

 Maintaining Effective Drug Safety ( M.E.D.S.)

 Dennis Mungall, Pharm.D, President CPAN

Dr. Mungall has extensive experience in pateint medication management, clinical therapeutics ,medical software development , medical product development, and is an acknowledged expert in anticoagulation.. Dr. Mungall obtained a Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Pharmacy at University of Michigan. He also completed a 2-year clinical pharmacology -pharmacokinetics fellowship at University of Texas-Austin.Further he completed a clinical residency in Greensboro , NC at The Moses H Cone Memorial Hospital .

After spending several years in academia, Dr. Dennis Mungall, helped conceive the idea of a whole blood prothrombin time test and in 1984 was the first employee at Biotrack, a coagulation diagnostic company. He helped develop and test Biotrack’s first product, Coumatrak. This instrument is a patient side monitor for measuring the prothrombin time in anticoagulated patients. Biotrack was sold to CIBA-Corning in 1988. In 1987, Dr Mungall moved to Michigan as tenured professor at Ferris State University. He created the Windows and DOS program, DrugCalc, that is used in several hundred hospitals in the US and abroad. He also created the first comprehensive outpatient anticoagulation system, COAG Expert. He has also created several teaching CD ROMS: The virtual Heart Failure Clinic, The Virtual Obesity Clinic, The Virtual Hypertension Clinic, and Treatment of Community Acquired Pneumonia. 

For the last 30 years Dr. Mungall has served as a Clinical Pharmacologist in a number of patient settings including the intensive care unit , family practice , running specialty clinics for patients on anticoagulants , set up numerous consultant services both inpatient and outpatient, and has published extensively .

He has served as an expert witness in several cases involving anticoagulation and other areas of therapeutics

President, CPAN 
Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Florida

Work History
Clinical Pharmacologist, Florida Hospital Sebring 
· Formulary decisions via Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee 
· Clinical Pharmacology consults , emphasis on intensive care patients/anticoagulation/Internal Medicine/Diabetes 
· Member of the Intensive Care Committee 
· Teaching pharmacists, nurses, physicians 
· Developing therapeutic protocols 
· Evaluating cost effective therapeutic strategies 
· Consumer talks on medication safety 

Director, Virtual Education, Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice,Ohio State University , College of Pharmacy 
Columbus , Ohio 
· Developed from “the ground up” the first completely internet based Professional program at OSU (Doctor of          Pharmacy, 
· Currently have 4 classes enrolled with 140 students from US and 5 foreign countries, 28 graduates 
· Responsible for mentoring students research projects (115 clinical projects) 
· Course Director for All Therapeutics Classes 
· Lecturer in Thromboembolic Disease, Cardiovascular Disease, Pain Management, Clinical Pharmacokinetics,      
 Clinical Pharmacology, Depression , Anxiety 
· Manage development and administrative group responsible for the Non Traditional Doctor of Pharmacy Program 
· Developed Virtual Educational Training Rotation 
· Responsible for Live , internet case based workshops using a virtual classroom ( 


Substantial background adult education, internet based educational platforms, computer hardware, multimedia hardware and software, in multimedia development, internal medicine, ambulatory and hospital based clinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, clinical research, communication skills, and project management skills.


1977 to present  Expert Witness:  Multiple cases involving anticoagulation , general clinical pharmacology 1984 - 1987 Clinical Research Director, original member/assisted in founding  of  Startup Company the First Patient Side Whole Blood PT and APTT test 
Biotrack Inc., Mountain View, CA
· Directed all the clinical trials for the first patient side , whole blood INR 
· Saw my idea for a product become used worldwide 
· Developed a software system for modeling warfarin therapy 
· Acted as Principal Investigator on an NIH grant to develop a heparin 
  modeling system 
1987 - 1994 Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, Tenured 
Ferris State University 
· Developed Practice site at Ingham Medical Center, Lansing Michigan 
· Participated in Mulitcenter trials 
· Taught BS students on clinical rotations 
· Participated in university committees
1994-2000 Associate Director of Clinical Pharmacology and Research
Family Practice Residency, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare 
· Developed and directed clinical research unit in the family practice residency 
· Developed and ran anticoagulation clinic in FP 
· Clinical Pharmacology attending on the inpatient service , daily rounding 
· Clinical Pharmacology attending in the FP clinic 
· Teaching role with medical students , FP residents, Pharm.D. students 
· 1994 -2000 Adjunct AssociateProfessor of Clinical Pharmacy 
University of Florida , 1995-2000,  ,Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine 
University Of South Florida 
· FP member on the P and T committee at TMRMC 
· Developed outpatient formulary system 
· Developed indigent care program to supply medications

1983 - 1984 Senior Research Scientist 
Syva/Syntex Diagnostics, Palo Alto, CA 
· Worked on clinical trials for diagnostic products such as chlymidia, GC, Herpes 

  1981 - 1983 Clinical Research Fellow/Clinical Pharmacology 
  University of Texas, Austin and San Antonio, Texas 
· Worked with Dr Tom Ludden to perform the first prospective population kinetics 
   trial ( warfarin ) to utilize the NONMEM system 
· Daily rounds on the inpatient service , attending in clinical pharmacology 
· Developed HPLC , TLC, ultracentrifigation methods for analyzing total and free 
   warfarin concentrations 
· Worked on multiple other projects including hydralazine kinetics, gold kinetics
1978 - 1981 Assistant Professor of Pharmacy 
Samford University, Birmingham, AL 
· Taught didacitic courses in therapetics and kinetics 
· Taught BS , medical students, residents on clinical rotation the the VA Medical 
· Established an anticoagulation clinic with a hematologist , Dr Man Chu Poon 
· Established a Pulmonary clinic 
· Established a clinical pharmacokinetic service 
· Rounded daily on the internal medicine service 
· Developed clinical research grants and implemented these 

1977 - 1978 Clinical Pharmacist 
University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL 
· First Clinical Pharmacist at UAB 
· Developed an internal medicine service 
· Developed a clinical pharmacokinetics service for Burn Patients 

Florida Hospital: Physician, Nursing , Patient teaching 2006-2011

Ohio State University :Course Coordinator NTPD
Therapeutics 777d, 778D,779D,780D,781D, 782D, 700D 
Lectures in Clinical Pharmacokinetics, Workshops in all courses 
Ohio State University College of Pharmacy 
Non Traditional Doctor of Pharmacy Program 

TMRMC Attending , Clinical Pharmacology 
Medical Residency Program 
Tallahassee Memorial Regional Medical Center 
Family Practice Residency Program  1995-2000

Clinical Pharmacology Lectures 
Medical Residency Program 
Infectious Disease 
Thrombosis and Anticoagulation 
Congestive Heart Failure 
Pharmacokinetics and Dynamics 
Geriatric Pharmacology 
Congestive Heart Failure Lectures 

University of Florida

Adjunct Associate Professor 
Doctor of Pharmacy Program, May 1998 
Internal Medicine/Clinical Pharmacokinetics 
Doctor of Pharmacy Students 
University of Florida 
1994 -2000, 2007-present 

Ferris State University 

Course Director 
Clinical Pharmacokinetics 
Doctor of Pharmacy Program, Ferris State University 
Clinical Kinetics of Heparin, Phenytoin, and Warfarin Clinical 
Kinetics Course 
Therapeutics Course : 
Thrombolytic Therapy , Hemostasis and Thrombosis 
Doctor of Pharmacy Program ,Ferris State University 
Internal Medicine/Pharmacokinetics Rotation 
Ferris State University 
1987 - 1993 

Attending Clinical Pharmacology, Internal Medicine Service 
Ingham Medical Center
1987 - 1993 
Internal Medicine Service, Medical Center Hospital 
San Antonio, Texas, 1983 - 1983 
Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure 
Doctor of Pharmacy Program 
University of Texas, 1981 
Treatment of Thromboembolic Disorders 
Doctor of Pharmacy Program 
University of Texas, 1981 
Attending Clinical Pharmacology, Internal Medicine Service 
Birmingham VA Medical Center 1981 - 1982 
Assist Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, Samford University 
Applied Clinical Pharmacokinetics (1 hr course) 
Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics (3 hr course) 
Pulmonary Therapeutics GI Therapeutics Hematology 
1979 - 1982, Samford University College of Pharmacy 

1976 - 1977 Doctor of Pharmacy 
Advisor: John G. Wagner, Ph.D. 
University of Michigan 
College of Pharmacy 

1975 - 1976  Clinical  Pharmacolgy Residency 
Advisor: Jack Upton 
Moses Cone Hospital 
Greensboro, NC 

1969 - 1975 Bachelor of Science 
University of Michigan 
College of Pharmacy 
College of Literature, Science, and Arts 


             Clinical Pharmacy Services 
             University of Alabama, 1977 
              Burn Service Clinical Kinetics Service 
              University of Alabama, 1978 
              Outpatient Anticoagulation Service 
              Drug Monitoring Service for Respiratory Patients 
              VA Medical Center 
              Birmingham, Alabama, 1979 

Inpatient/outpatient Clinical Pharmacology Service 
Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare 
Tallahassee, FL, 1994 
Inpatient Heparin Management Service 
CCU/CPCU, 1995 
Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare

Inpatient/Outpatient Anticoagulation Service 
Family Practice Residency 
Tallahassee, FL 1995 

Intensive Care Clinical Pharmacology Services, Inpatient Anticoagulation Service, Glucose management services 
Florida Hosptial, Sebring Florida 2005 to 2011

Florida Hospital Pharmacy Association 
American Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 
Previosuly, Vice President, Board of Education , of a virtual K- 12 school , VCS Ohio ( 

Community Service 
Past Vice President,  President, Noon Rotary, Avon Park Fl 
President , Noon Rotary 7-1-10 to 6-30-11 Current Vice President Breakfast Rotary , Avon Park

Director , Avon Park Chamber of Commerce 7-1-11 to 12-12-12

Florida, Michigan 

Integrated Drug Dosage Form and Meter 
Patent #4, 712,460, December 15, 1987 

· Warfcalc: A computed program for managing warfarin therapy. 
  Mungall D, Program designer and developer 
· Drug Calc And DrugCalc for Windows: A General Pharmacokinetic and Dynamic Program for managing      
 drug therapy. 
· Warfarin Hypertext, Mungall D 
· C.O.A.G. Expert, Computerized Optimal Anticoagulation Guide, Mungall D 
· Anticoagulation and Thrombolytic Multimedia, Hypertext Program, Mungall D 
· The Virtual Anticoagulation Clinic : Internet based management of patients receiving warfarin 
· WarfDocs : A palm based warfarin management program 

· The Virtual Congestive Heart Failure Clinic. 
· The Virtual Hypertension Clinic 
· The Virtual Anticoagulation Clinic 
· The Virtual Obesity Clinic 
Consultant History 
· Consultant for Boerhinger Mannheim, Diagnostic Products 
· Expert witness on multiple anticoagulation Cases 
· Current consultant , Audomedics , medical software system 

1979 Digoxin-Quinidine Interaction, Annual Roche Award 
1978 Impact of clinical Pharmacokinetics Service on Patient OutcomesSchering Corp. 
1983 Diltiazem-Warfarin Interaction, Marion Laboratories 
1985 A System for Managing Heparin Therapy, NIH Grant,Principal Investigator 
1988 An Evaluation of the Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics 
of tissue Plasminogen Activator Faculty Research Grant, Pharmaceutical Manafacturers Association 
1990 A Cost Effective Stragedy for Obtaining Aminoglycoside Concentrations (MSHP Research Award) 
1991 A Randomized Trial of LMWH versus Warfarin in Orthopedic 
Patients, Wyeth-Ayerst 
1991: Randomized Trial of Logiparin versus Heaprin in Deep venous Thrombosis, Novo Pharmaceuticals 
1991 Developing a Multimedia, Expert System for Anticoagulation, 
NIH Grant, PI 
1992 Multicenter Trial of Computer Assisted Heparin Therapy Versus 
Physician Directed Heparin Therapy, Supported by Genentech 
1995-Present MAK - Anti-TNF Sepsis Trial, Knoll Pharmaceutical Co. 
Praise II Trial Congestive Heart Failure, Pfizer 
Let Trial Hypertension Trial, Merck 
Whole Blood APTT Trial, Gensia Sicor 
LIFE Hypertension Trial, Merck 
ALLHAT, NIH Hypertension Trial 
The anticoagulation Clinic without walls: American Heart Assoc.1998 
Developing Learning Objects : Ohio Board of Regents 2002, Ohio State University 

Florida Hospital , Heartland Division, Sebring Fl 
ICU committee, Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, Evidence Based Committee 
FEMA for Anticoagulation 

Previous Committees at OSU College of Pharmacy: 
Mission , planning , and assessment sub committee 
Curriculum self study committee 
NTPD admissions committee 
Portfolio evaluation committee 
2003- present 

Primary Care Research Institutes Board, OSU 

Chairman, Research Committee 
Family Practice Residency Program 1994-2000 
Curriculum Committee:Family Practice Residency Program 1994-2000 
Computer Committee 1994-2000 
Family Practice Residency Program 
Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare 1994-2000 
Anticoagulation Subcommittee, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare 1994-2000 
Congestive Heart Failure Pathway Committee, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare 1994-2000 

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1-10-79 Practical Applications of Pharmacokinetics: Theophylline 
Southeastern Regional Medical Education Center, 
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3-25-78 Aminoglycoside Pharmacokinetics, Alabama Society of Hospital 
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5-14-81 Theophylline Pharmacokinetics, Maryland Society of Hospital 
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2-79 Digoxin Intoxication, Presented at Childrens Hospital, Birmingham, AL 
11-83 Cimetidine, Presented at the California Association of Toxicology 
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11-88 The Effect of Warfarin on APTT Response, The American College of Clinical Pharmacology Meeting, Orlando, FL 
12-88 The Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Tissue Plasminogen Activator, Presented at the American Society 
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2-17-89 Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Anticoagulants, Michigan Pharmaceutical Association 
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4-24-93 Computer Assisted Anticoagulation, Lutheran Regional Medical Center, Grand Rounds 
5-95 Myths in Anticoagulation 
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11-7-01 “The Virtual Anticoagulation Clinic” 
, Oncology Research Conference, Ohio State University 

2001-Weaving a World Wide Education 
AACP Meeting , Toronto Canada 2001 

2002-A Pharmaco-Illogic Approach to evaluating Drug Therapy 
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                 Inpatient Clinical Pharmacology/Kinetics/Teaching Service 
                 Ingham Medical Center   L
ansing Medical Center, 1988

1981 - 1983 Clinical Research Fellowship 
Advisor: Thomas Ludden, Ph.D. 
University of Texas College of Pharmacy